Foreign content of other phpwcms

Selective adoption of content from a phpwcms-installation. Condition is internal access (own account) to the other phpwcms installation.

V1.0 02.03.2011

Docu: –
Google code r351: Add output actions to renderer
Forum: ... Elemente einer anderen Website zurückliefern lassen [DE]
Forum: News auf zwei Seiten verfügbar machen [DE]
Forum: Navigation dynamisch in einen externen Blog übernehmen [DE]

Author: O. Georgi (slakero)

CMS Version: >= 1.42 r351


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Filename: –
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The notation:

Add output actions to renderer - allows to return specific sections of the page:
Function are 1 parameter functions and allowed functions must be defined in
(array)$phpwcms['output_function_filter']. Only functions defined in that config
will be usable: $phpwcms['output_function_filter'] = array('trim',
  • split by function - value: F-function1|function2|function3
  • split by section - value: S-SECT1|SECT2|SECT3

The processing is done by the pipe | separated sequence.

Procedure for the use of the sections:

News of phpwcms installation will be shown on another page:

  • For example, the calling page set up a command at the place from where you want to display the content of the page called:

Where “ALIAS” is an category/article of the called page “”.
The call is working with id=[catergory ID] and aid=[article ID] too instead of ALIAS!
Advantage of id and aid compared to ALIAS: If the alias of the page or structure level is changing later on (e.g. by SEO- adjustments), the link will still keep on working!

  • In the called side, the sections can be called are limited with the TAGs <!--NEWS01_START//--> …… <!--NEWS01_END//-->.
    Similarly, with ...&phpwcms_output_action=S-NEWS02 the TAGs <!--NEWS02_START//--> …… <!--NEWS02_END//--> etc.

The menu of phpwcms installation will be shown on another page:

  • In the template, the area is to be displayed surrounded with
  • In the calling side this part is integrated with

The contents of a phpwcms installation can also be picked up and displayed from other installation ore sides . An admin access to the phpwcms installation is necessary to set the TAGs <!--MENU_START//--> ... <!--MENU_END//-->.

The variant “F-function” is explained later.

Knut Heermann (flip-flop) 2011/03/01 22:19

More Possibilities

$phpwcms['output_function_filter'] = array('trim', 'utf8_encode');


To UTF-8 phpwcms_output_action=F-utf8_encode--S-EVENTS
From UTF-8 phpwcms_output_action=F-utf8_decode--S-EVENTS

Load the appropriate CSS from another Server:

By OG: Forum: remote CSS in den HEAD-Bereich injizieren

if(typeof load_remote_css == "undefined" || load_remote_css == true) {
   var css_link = document.createElement('link');
   css_link.type = "text/css";
   css_link.rel = "stylesheet";
   css_link.href = "";
   var load_remote_css = false;

Load the appropriate JS from another Server:

Von OG: Forum: remote CSS in den HEAD-Bereich injizieren

if(typeof load_remote_js == "undefined" || load_remote_js == true) {
   var js_script = document.createElement('script');
   //js_script.async = 1;
   js_script.src = "";
   var load_remote_js = false;
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