Custom links in "home"

Backend: This snippet places a user link range in ” home”. You can use any type of link.

Inspired by this snippet of Markus: backend default text


Necessary preparations

- as there are:

  1. create the folder “include/inc_ext/be_special”.
  2. create the folders “include/inc_ext/be_special/lang/backend/de- and /lang/backend/en”.
  3. copy and paste the file “startup.php” into the folder “template/inc_default”.
  4. copy and paste the file “startupX.php” into the folder “…be_special”.
  5. copy and paste the files “” into the folders “…be_special/lang/backend/de- and …be_special/lang/backend/en”.

Docu: –
Forum: –

Author: K.Heermann (flip-flop)
CMS Version: >= 1.4x
Version: V1.0 (11.05.2010)
Folder: include/inc_ext/be_special/ *

Have a look into the files “include/inc_ext/be_special/startupX(_YY).php” and you will understand the functional.

The vars for e.g. ”$BL['be_custom_link01_1_title']” you will find in “include/inc_ext/be_special/lang/backend/(YY)/”.

Play around a little bit. If there is a section in “startupX(_YY).php” you don´t need, please kill the entries.

Some link examples:

Open a folder with the ID=13: (You can´t open a folder if the parent folder is closed).

<a href="phpwcms.php?do=articles&open=13:1">

Open the article with the ID=15:

<a href="phpwcms.php?do=articles&p=2&s=1&id=15">

Edit the article with the ID=15:

<a href="phpwcms.php?do=articles&p=2&s=1&aktion=1&id=15">

Edit the contentpart with the ID=22 in category ID=14:

<a href="phpwcms.php?do=articles&p=2&s=1&aktion=2&id=14&acid=22">


Insert this snippet to template/inc_default/startup.php

This snippet integrates the new file startupX.php.

File: template/inc_default/startup.php

// -------------------------------------!!!! Don´t touch !!!!---------------------------------
// obligate check for phpwcms constants
   if (!defined('PHPWCMS_ROOT')) {die("You Cannot Access This Script Directly, Have a Nice Day."); }
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<!-- fill in information for your customers here -->
<!-- ======================================================
  V1.0 flip-flop (KH) enhanced Version for loading a script
  in "home" called startupX -> "Custom Links"
====================================================== //-->
// Load language sensitive startupX file
if (is_file(PHPWCMS_ROOT.'/include/inc_ext/be_special/startupX.php'))
    include(PHPWCMS_ROOT.'/include/inc_ext/be_special/startupX.php'); //reads the new startup file
<!-- ====================================================== //-->


Files in zip archive:

  • custom links
    • include/inc_ext/be_special/startupX.php (include the right startupX(_YY).php)
    • include/inc_ext/be_special/startupX_de.php (The german file)
    • include/inc_ext/be_special/startupX_en.php (The english file)
    • include/inc_ext/be_special/act_fileX.php (file for “delete all files from filecenter trash can” → Move del. files from trash can)
    • include/inc_ext/be_special/lang/backend/de/ (The german language file)
    • include/inc_ext/be_special/lang/backend/en/ (The english language file)
  • filebrowserX.php (A passive file browser with some extensions: FilebrowserX)

File: custom links, filebrowserX, act_fileX (14.98 KiB, 52 downloads)

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