Enhancement V2.3


This enhancement will offer you a User/Group module for the backend.

  • Several areas of functions in BE can be blinded out for users.
  • Specific rights for categories per user or group.
  • Group rights will override user rights.
  • Standard modules can be blanked out.
  • Two additional sets of Content parts available to choose from.

Forum: Eigene Rechteverwaltung (V2.0 MarioK) [DE]
Forum: http://forum.phpwcms.org/viewtopic.php?p=117282#p117282 (V2.1 BjörnB)
Forum: Mod User Group / Permission Center Version 2.2 (V2.2x BjörnB) [DE]

Programmer V1: MarioK
Enhanced V2.1: BjörnB
Enhanced V2.1 e1: Knut Heermann (flip-flop)
Enhanced V2.2x: BjörnB

Download and Update

Download V2.3x: Enhanced V2.23a since r366 complete (127.77 KiB, 69 downloads) (is containing all patches for V1.4.3 r366)

Download V2.2x: Please have a look at this one: Mod User Group / Permission Center Version 2.2 (BjörnB) [DE]
Download V2.2: Enhanced V2.1 e01 (76.32 KiB, 47 downloads) (19.06.09) FIXME

When you are updating your user module always deactivate the user module before.

  1. –> MODULE –> [User/Groups] –> deactivate module: [ ]
  2. Upload your module patch and activate the module again.
  3. –> MODULE –> [User/Groups] –> activate module: [X]

Please set frontend-edit to “0” in conf.inc.php before using the module. Thank you!

Modulpatch since phpwcms V1.4.3 r366: Patch-r366 (4.04 KiB, 62 downloads)


Modupatch since phpwcms V1.4.2 r342: Patch-r342 (23.29 KiB, 39 downloads) (is containing Patch for V1.4.2 r337)


Modulpatch since phpwcms V1.4.2 r337: Patch-r337 (9.25 KiB, 35 downloads) (Please deactivate the module, then update phpwcms and then the module, followed by re- activation of the module itself)


When you are updating your phpwcms system please always deactivate the user module before.
–> MODULE –> [User/Groups] –> deactivate module: [ ]
When you are finished with the system update just upload your module patch and activate the module again.
–> MODULE –> [User/Groups] –> activate module: [X]

  1. Module deactivation in BE
  2. System-Update
  3. Module-Update (if needed / available)
  4. Module activation

How to behave when installing for the first time

Never switch off the Super-Admin and Usermanagement/Group at the same time. You immediately will be locked out from the User rights management system. The only possibility at this time to repair this fault is a little surgery of your database. Table phpwcms_user ⇒ Field usr_permissions ⇒ Value 7fff3f (all Rights).
- Or you simply can deactivate the Module.

During the module installation the very first user (installed during your initial phpwcms setup) with the ID=1 will get these very rights 7fff3fSee picture below and is entered into the group Super-Admins which is set up automatically.

All other users will have no rights at all per default.

“the very first user (installed during your initial phpwcms setup) with the ID=1” is the user (admin) you did set up during your very first installation of your CMS system :!:

The group Super-Admins set up automatically

Short overview of the installation procedure:

  1. Do an upload of your (newest) version
  2. Login as user with admin rights.
  3. Call the Module “User/Group” and clean up all errors.
  4. The first user (who has been set up during installation of the CMS) (with the ID=1) will be entered into the group Super-Admins with all rights.
  5. Switch off the Install-Mode!:
  6. Explanation: Installation
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