phpwcms feature list

phpwcms isn't ready and some features are rudimentary but the cms has a great potential and is fully usable. The list of features is not complete. If you miss one please ask me.

general features

  • Requirements: PHP >= version 5.1x
  • platform independent - tested on Linux, MS Windows 2000/XP/2003, MacOS X
  • install/setup GUI (creates database, config file)
  • backend translated into 13 languages (English, German, Danish, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Lithuanian) FIXME
  • backend users (admin/normal user), frontend users in preparation (small frontend user login available)
  • dynamic content creation

layout features

  • W3C conform frontend rendering
  • unlimited pagelayouts - pagelayout wizard supports content rendering as table, div or custom
  • unlimited templates (1 per site structure level) - template editor included with support for custom html head, onLoad JavaScripts and error messages, CSS file per template possible
  • unlimited nested site structure levels - there is no limitation
  • alias for every structure level possible, hidden level
  • support for meta tag keyword and description
  • many powerful replacement tags
  • articles/pages are build by using content parts - article can have summary and/or redirection info
  • template based articles, contentparts and form

general editing features

  • multiple WYSIWYG editors included: Spaw 2, FCKeditor, CKeditor, frontend CSS editor
  • structures, articles and content parts can be cut and paste and sorted image resize functions included (GD1/2 and/or ImageMagick/GhostScript) - upload high end image and use it for every needed size (automatic thumbnail creation and opt. cropping)
  • file manager
  • backend messages
  • backend chat
  • user profiles
  • articles can have start and end date/time → (small archiv)
  • newsletter

34 different content parts

  • plain text editor - HTML tags will be stripped (own template)
  • HTML - like html text editor (own template)
  • code - monospaced plain text editor
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor for IE5.5+ and/or Mozilla 1.3+
  • text/w image (WYSIWYG editor) with 1 image (custom size, click/zoom - own template)
  • images - creates list of images (custom sizes, allows 1-10 columns, click/zoom image, captions)
  • images <div> - creates list of images (WYSIWYG editor, own template, custom sizes, click/zoom image, captions)
  • images <special> - creates list of images (WYSIWYG editor, own template, separate images for thumbnail and zoom, custom sizes, click/zoom image, captions)
  • rollover images - list of images with small/large reference, using JS rollover (own template)
  • map - FIXME
  • bullet list (own template, table based like this feature list)
  • bullet list (<ul>, <ol>, <dl>)
  • link & email
  • link list - can have real link name and target (own template)
  • file list - direct download option (WYSIWYG editor, own template)
  • teaser/link article (shows selected articles, sorting options, own template)
  • article menu - shows the headline of selected structure level (table, <ul>, <div>)
  • news - xxxx (own template) FIXME
  • search - full text search
  • sitemap (start point in structure tree, level/article icon)
  • content part alias - shows the content part with the given ID
  • recipe - special cp FIXME (I will fix the template/JS/frontend_render - Don´t run at this moment (kh))
  • faq (Question (plan text), answer (WYSIWYG/image), own template)
  • multimedia - support for multiple formats like MP3, QuickTime, RealMedia, Flash (Audio and Video - with autoplay, external/internal)
  • flash media player - JW Media Player in user (own template)
  • e-mail form - (own template, subject, recipient, from email, from name, copy to, save form result, form tracking, success site/text, error site/text, Captcha)
  • e-card system for sending images via email
  • newsletter - FIXME
  • poll - FIXME
  • RSS feed (own template, URL, max. items, timeout)
  • guestbook (own template, image upload, Captcha, remote URL validation, banned words, opt. cookie, notify)
  • ext. content/pages - display the content of a site between <body> and </body> (file from structure, custom path/file or ext. URL)
  • PHP variables - FIXME
  • frontend login - frontend user login, open hidden pages for registered user


5 different modules

  • Graphical Text - use dynamic graphical text with replacement tags
  • Banner ads - creating your own campaign
  • calendar/events - simple calendar using frontend tags. (under developement 70%)
  • glossary - creating your own glossary (keyword, tag, WYSIWYG, filter, own template using in plugin: glossary cp)
  • Shop/Products - very simple shop, categories, one level deep, currency, vat, shipping costs (weight), cash with order, cash on delivery, on account, own template)
  • SEO log - Create date, domain, position, referrer

replacement tags used in frontend

  • automatic menu creation (like on the left, breadcrumb, css styled menus, related/new article menu)
  • basic text formatting
  • links to articles or external targets
  • PHP code/includes, vars/functions
  • images, random images, spaceholder images
  • custom search form
  • date/time
  • keywords in text
  • real down/back/next/up (index) navigation
  • javascript back, top, print link/button
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